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Solid and great faucet. Changed out original faucet in a four hole sink to this one. I'm so glad I did. Although it came with a deck plate, Decided not to install it.

It was so easy to install it almost installed was harder cleaning the sink than the installation

Well-made faucet

The overall look of the faucet and the water control valve is great. The valve operates smoothly and gives easy control over water flow and temperature. The extendable hose and the faucet head seat back into the faucet arm very well. Buy such a good faucet for only $120, which is absolutely worth it! BTW, it's easy to install the faucet. Love it!

Works Well!

So far so good!
It’s been installed for about a month now and it is working well. It came very well packaged. It swivels well. The retractable hose pulls down easily. The dual function sprayer works well also.
No complaints.

Looks great, very easy to install. Well made.

Looks great, very easy to install. Outstanding value. I installed it to replace our 5 year old leaking Delta faucet. I was happily surprised that the water lines on this new, better quality faucet were long enough without needing extensions. Amazingly my total installation took less than 30 minutes and most of that time was spent removing the old one!. My wife likes the extra water flow it provides as well as the on/off feature for the spray button.

Sleek, simple design

I am impressed with the quality of this faucet! It was a much heavier than I expected. Sometimes faucets you find in stores that are at this price point don’t have any weight to it, but this was does. The style is very sleek and simple fits right into my decor but can easily fit into any decor. The brushed nickel also hides any fingerprints or water spots so there is not constant cleaning. The tall design will allow you to fill pots easily! (Major bonus!!) Spray handles are pretty standard on faucets now but I like that this one is not bulky like some others.

Really nice faucet, very nice modern look and highly functional.

This is a great looking faucet love that you can fit a huge pot under it to fill it up, also love that the handle faces you for easy access to waters when you working with raw meat. The only thing I'm not crazy about is the pull down part doesn't have a spring inside and I worry that the part that attaches the pull down spray-head will wear out over time.

This faucet is incredible.Quality is very good and pull down handle is amazing.Works perfect.Very easy installation.I am so glad that I purchased this faucet!

Excellent quality

Excellent product for the price, this faucet is nicer than the one I had that I paid triple for.

I am enjoying this product very much!! I would recommend this faucet.

Works and looks great.

Fast shipping and fit great. I love how it looks in our kitchen.

Great Value

Appears to be a great faucet. Super easy 15 minute install.

The cost was way less than the name brand by $100-$200

Very easy to install and I am very please with the water flow. It took me about 45 minutes to install. It looks great and well built. Only had it for a week, but I can see it lasting a long time.

Easy install, works great, looks good. It's definitely good value for the price.

So far so good

I wasn't sure about the quality of this when I made the purchase, but considering that a similar-looking faucet at the blue or orange stores cost twice as much, I decided to cross my fingers.

My wife and I have been pleasantly surprised.

We should have expected this from the design, but we didn't anticipate it. When you pull the sprayer around, the grooves of the inner hose (that the water travels through) catch on the spring that gives the faucet its shape. So as you pull the sprayer out, you'll feel a fair amount of friction, the spring flexes more than expected (because it grabs, it isn't smooth), and it makes a lot of noise as the grooves rub over the spring. That's not a fault with this particular brand of faucet, since I think all faucets with this springy design would have this issue.

If money and aesthetics are your priorities, I highly recommend this.

Everything needed - no extra trips to hardware store...

This was my first time changing a kitchen faucet and I was a bit nervous about getting myself into a situation in which I might have to call a plumber. The old one was sort of a pain in the behind to get out but when it was the new one seemed to just about fall in place. Everything was well packaged and included in the box, even the little hoses. The instructions were also very clear. All in all, I am very happy with the quality and the styling is quite cool. Lot's of similar models but we are very, very happy with our choice.

In the end... A great transaction and super great faucet in our kitchen sink.

Can't believe the quality for the price!

This faucet is amazing. The price was insane on it compared to any other comparable ones at your local big box store. We bought it to go with our new sink and it brings the whole kitchen up a notch. It is definitely a statement piece, in a good way- everyone notices it when they walk into our kitchen. I was worried about it sitting too tall but honestly when I had it side by side with our old standard looking kitchen faucet it was the exact same height. If you are debating on buying this or not- do it. You won't regret it!

Don’t let the price fool you, this faucet is beautiful!

I absolutely am in LOVE with this faucet!!! We recently did a total kitchen remodel and I had my eye on a similar name brand faucet, but wasn’t willing to spend $300. My husband found this one on Awsso Faucet and we took a chance after reading the reviews. All I have to say is I am SO GLAD we decided to buy it because it is fantastic! Not only does it perform like a dream, and installation was easy, but it is literally a beautiful faucet!

Great faucet for a great price.

I was hesitant at first becuase the price was so far below similar faucets I have seen at Home Depot. This faucet was so easy to install, and I did not have to take out the sink to do it. Product works better than I expected and looks as good as faucets that cost twice this much at Home Depot and Lowes.

I bought this for my kitchen sink. I must say it is beautiful in looks. It was also nicely packed. It made my cleaning of dishes easier because it can rotate 360 degrees and has pull down nozzle . The spray of water is powerful . It is tall so there is space between sink and faucet .

I'm glad I purchased this faucet. It looks great, works well and I bought for an excellent price. I see this particular style on a few lifetime movies😀

Highly recommend

just what I was looking for. Durable and looks great. High quality for the price.

I love it

Arrived on time, very good packaging, very easy install (had a professional install in 30 min), looks beautiful and works great!!